Timmy's ain't been quaint for a long ole time

My son decided that 5am was go-time this morning. My Splunk revision has suffered as result, I think it's fair to say. Still, I feel more comfortable with search head clustering now, so it wasn't a total loss. For completeness, in a disaster recovery scenario, whether the remaining search heads are an odd or even number isn't relevant (as far as I've been able to discern): it's whether 51% of the original membership remains. If so, the election of a new captain will proceed without issue. If not, manual intervention is required; likely in the form of designating a static captain temporarily.

Fascinating, I know.

Don't even get me started on the criteria under which a master node will rebalance the indexer cluster, or what triggers a change in its generation (ID).

But you didn't come here to revise Splunk. (I hope — may God have mercy on your soul otherwise.)

I'm Canadian. I think that's come up before, but I wanted to put it out there again, as Tim Horton's is a national institution to our older generations (of which I am most certainly a member). I mean, it's been an American company for, oh, twenty years now or something, and stopped selling doughnuts with coconut shavings thirty years ago, so, really, why would anyone care? ;–) The fact is, “double double” is (still?) part of our lexicon (meaning coffee with two portions of cream and two portions of sugar, I know you were dying to know).

And Tim Horton's is in the news. Well, in the Financial Post. For avidly tracking the users of its app. I was shocked by the bit on server-side location processing, or the tools at the command of third-parties in the event of you preventing an app from accessing your GPS data. The type and number of events generated around user movements — including confidence factors around why the user might be where they are — is chilling. I mean, this makes loyalty cards mickey mouse; an increase in customer data of, what, tenfold? More?

And so, folks won't actually be rolling up any cup rims in the future, it seems. (Plenty of Canadians' favourite new car dream.)

End of Day 36

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